I’m Sam Brodie and I help people build better web design agencies.

My Projects


Offsprout is the only WordPress website builder built specifically for freelancers and design agencies.

Productized Course

The Productized Course teaches you everything that I did to build my design agency from 0 to 7-figure acquisition in just 3 years.


JurisPage is a Productized design agency that I built with my co-founder. It focuses on providing web design and marketing services to law firms. It was acquired by a great company called Uptime Legal Systems in 2016.

Sam, thank you for helping me change my mindset from a freelancer to building a 7-figure web design company. Both [the freelancer mindset and the company-builder mindset] are prevalent in our industry, but one is a road to success and the other is a relentless hamster wheel of constantly being underpaid and taken advantage of. I look forward to implementing your strategies, redefining my business, and building a 7-figure web design company.

– Michael Neely

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