My Mission

My mission is to help freelancers and design agencies grow their businesses faster, make more money, and unlock more leisure time. I strive to do this by providing the top-notch website building tools and courses, as well as consulting and speaking at various events.

But enough about work…

Hiking and Travel

I get away from my desk as much as possible. I’ve been to over 20 countries and hope to see many more.

Politics and Policy

I probably pay too much attention to the news. Now I’m trying to go deeper into policy. If you want to know my views, just ask!

NY Giants

I love the Giants. But let’s pretend 2017 didn’t happen…and 2018.

My Cat

Yes, I’m a cat person. And proud of it. I have a cat that we took in after she was abandoned by her owner and she’s awesome. I know some people find cat people weird, but, I mean, how could you not like this cat…

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